The DDF Simple Search UI application provides a low-bandwidth option for searching records in the local Catalog (provider) and federated sources. Results are returned in HTML format.

The Input form allows the user to specify keyword, geospatial, temporal, and type query parameters. It also allows the user to select the sources to search and the number of results to return.

1.1.1. Search Criteria

Enter one or more of the available search criteria to execute a query:

Keyword Search

A text box allowing the user to enter a textual query. This supports the use of (*) wildcards. If blank, the query will contain a contextual component.

Temporal Query

Select from any, relative, or absolute. Selecting Any results in no temporal restrictions on the query, selecting relative allows the user to query a period from some length of time in the past until now, and selecting absolute allows the user to specify a start and stop date range.

Spatial Search

Select from any, point-radius, and bounding box. Selecting Any results in no spatial restrictions on the query, selecting point-radius allows the user to specify a lat/lon and radius to search, and selecting a bounding box allows the user to specify an eastern, western, southern and northern boundary to search within.

Type Search

Select from any, or a specific type. Selecting Any results in no type restrictions on the query, and Selecting Specific Types shows a list of known content types on the federation, and allows the user to select a specific type to search for.


Select from none, all sources, or specific sources. Selelcting None results in querying only the local provider, Selecting All Sources results in an enterprise search where all federations are queried, and selecting Specific Sources allows the user to select which sources are queried.

Results per Page

Select the number of results to be returned by a single query.

1.1.2. Results

The table of results shows the details of the results found, as well as a link to download the resource if applicable. Results Summary
Total Results

Total Number of Results available for this query. If there are more results than the number displayed per page then a page navigation links will appear to the right.


Provides page navigation, which generate queries for requesting additional pages of results. Results Table

The Results table provides a preview of and links to the results. The table consists of these columns:


Displays title of the metacard. This will be a link which can clicked to view the metacard in the Metacard View.


Displays where the metadata came from, which could be the local provider or a federated source.


Displays the WKT Location of the metacard, if available.


Shows the Received (Created) and Effective times of the metacard, if available.


Shows the thumbnail of the metacard, if available.


A download link to retrieve the resource associated with the metacard, when applicable, if available.

1.1.3. Result View

This view shows more detailed look at a result.

Back to Results Button

Returns the view back to the Results Table.

Previous & Next

Navigation to page through the results one by one.

Result Table

Provides the list of properties and associated values of a single search result.


The metadata, when expanded, displays a tree structure representing the result’s custom metadata.